Boxing Gloves Between 25$-100$

Buying a pair of boxing gloves that stay out of the sub $25 range affords you a better-quality product. They’re still in the budget category and let’s be clear about that too. But nevertheless, you can get a decent pair of gloves to practice in the gym without emptying everything you have in your checking account to do so.

You’ll still be able to get proper padding support, a smooth surface to each glove, enough wrist support to avoid injury and sufficient durability to last a full season, at least. Here are five pairs of boxing gloves that fit the bill nicely.

Gloves Between $25-$100 Comparison Chart


Venum Elite Boxing Gloves:

The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are available in approximately 15 color schemes, many of which include a blend of two different colors. Several have a primary color and then an accent color to make the glove stand out. The Venum brand comes from Thailand which explains why they’re cheaper than other gloves made elsewhere like Mexico or the USA.

The smooth feel of the glove is because of the hand-made Skintexleather surface. The gloves themselvesdifferent types of boxing gloves

come with strengthened seams and a protected palm that has some additional padding to provide better absorption from accidental shots. It also avoids cuts to the palm too.

The interior has a triple foam filling for support to protect the hands, fingers, and knuckles from damage due to impacts to a bag or person during the sparring session. The completely attached thumb is enlarged and fully padded which also helps avoid accidental eye pokes.

For heat management, a panel constructed from a mesh material has been placed below the fist to help manage accumulated heat better. This is intended to prevent the interior of the glove from getting too hot or sweaty from use.B ear in mind that this is a major issue with boxing gloves generally during bag work, sparring and shadow boxing.

It’s advisable to own more than a single pair of gloves to let one air out while open and undone, so any accumulated sweat can dry out before using them again. This either means only going to the boxing gym once or twice a week or owning more than just one pair of boxing gloves, to rotate their use.

The long cuffs with these gloves provide greater support for the wrist and beyond. The Velcro enclosure allows the boxer to slip the gloves on and off with ease, but they should still be using hand wraps nonetheless.


Fairtex Gloves Muay Thai Boxing Sparring:

The Fairtex Muay Thai-Style Sparring Gloves in this configuration comes in a single black and white style that’s quite fetching. There’s no wide variety of colors to choose from. The thumb interior sports a red color, as does the edges of the cuff and the expandable rear center too. The palm uses white and the rest of the glove has a black color with the Thailand-basedFairtex branding on the front.

Fairtex is another popular Thai-made brand of gloves. These are in the Muay Thai style, not as much the boxing style, but they work for either purpose in the gym.

grant boxing gloves

The thumb guard is well padded and tucked in well. It’s fully attached. The positioning is intended to

avoid the chance of punching a bag and having your thumb hit the bag, breaking it.

The size 16 will suit most boxers well. The gloves are actually famed for having a tighter than expected fit, so people with wider hands might prefer a different brand than these ones. This is because the padding is included throughout the interior of the glove making them a bit snugger in some places than a boxer might expect.

The outer material is hand-made leather. The adjustable strap has a Velcro enclosure which allows for rapid putting on and taking off of the gloves either to swap them for a different pair or at the end of the sparring session. The wristband uses a common hook ‘n’ loop system that should work fine for different boxers.

The gloves will be good for extended bag work, pad work and other mixed uses. They’re also acceptable for people who want to workout using a boxercise routine too.


Ringside Apex IMF Tech Flash Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai :

The Ringside Apex IMF Tech mitts are designed for boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai too. They are available in either 14-ounce or 16-ounce versions.

The gloves are provided in many dual-color combinations. These include Black/Gold, Black/Green, Black/Red, Blue/White, Pink/Lime, Red/Black, and Red/White.

The covering is a PU leather which is essential vinyl that’s been treated to feel like leather. It is textured, and one can expect it to get decent to good durability over time. Not as good as leather, but not bad either. The glove is done up using the hook and loop closure system that most boxers are familiar with.Ringside Apex IMF Tech Flash Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai

The main difference with this product over some others is the use of injection-molded foam which is injected directly inside the glove and not layered. This is thought to be better than layered foam because it fills in every part of the glove with the injection process ensuring smooth, consistent padding throughout. The foam is 2.25-inches thick which beats most gloves that offer 2 inches or less of foam protection.

There is a special anti-microbial lining inside the glove that is treated to make it stay dry from sweat for longer. In keeping with this, the palm has a mesh to let air circulate freely, and ventilation holes let the air out of the glove too. This should make workouts more comfortable with less moisture buildup during sparring sessions and bag work.

Inside the glove is a grip bar that produces a fist that’s tighter avoiding injury and causes fewer problems with tired hands too. Bag work is okay for light to medium use by beginners.

Ringside has been producing boxing equipment for over 3 decades and is well-respected as an apparel producer.

In conclusion, each style is colorful and strikingly different. There is no missing gloves when worn. They certainly make a meaningful statement.


TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves: 

The Title Gel World Bag Gloves are a little different to other types. They’re available in either red or black colors. The styling includes piping that’s different with each color scheme and blends different colors in interesting ways.

The leather outer ensures durability and strength for extensive bag work of different kinds. These roughly 16-ounce gloves pack weight to them and fit well for large hands and bigger boxers mostly.

The model comes with a secure wrist strap that is adjustable and wraps around using a D-ring. A hook and loop closure is used to provide a closer fit that won’t work loose during a workout. This provides excellent protection for the wrist when taking the vibrations from hitting a hard bag with some force.Best Boxing Gloves

The lining offers its own compartment for each hand that keeps them cooler, dryer and offering greater comfort than some other gloves. There is gel infused into the lining to cushion it between the foam padding and the interior. These kinds of gels tend to grab moisture and suck it up and are used similarly in foam mattresses layers for the same purpose. The foam padding is multi-layered to provide greater protection from impact damage.

These gloves may arrive feeling a little large, but will also stretch with use, so it’s important to get the right size for your hands for best results.

A word about the gel lining. The innovative use of gel particles inside a boxing glove is a fairly new one that fighters may not be familiar with. However, this is a technology that’s been used with multi-layered mattresses for a few years now. The gel morphs in shape and structure when faced with nearby moisture enabling it to suck up the moisture and then reform with it inside. It’s an innovative technology that’s good to see being used in this kind of product at an affordable cost too.


Hayabusa Ikusa Gloves Color: Black/Yellow

These HayabusaIkusa Gloves are designed in black with a spectrum of layered black design and yellow piping along the sides. It’s a stylish and subtler look that is better than how many boxing gloves appear.

The leather on the exterior has been engineered for toughness and is unlikely to let you down. The gloves on the surface will likely last several years with regular use without difficulty. The inner lining is a reactive one that wicks out moisture quickly.Ikusa Gloves Color: Black/Yellow

The major element here other the pleasing leather covering is the Dual-X system for closing up the glove which includes Velcro as one of its elements. It is a patented one for Hayabusa that offers a better fit and superior wrist support to protect muscles and ligaments. The system is strongly favored and excellent to have in this model.

The quality of the product is evident throughout. What is surprising is that some people find that the inner lining sometimes comes apart. In other cases, the Velcro stitching isn’t as good as it might be causing the Velcro to slip out of position making the gloves less secure. This is only an occasional manufacturing issue it seems, and most owners of these gloves use them for years without any issue.

The gloves are 16-ounce models, even though sometimes they are incorrectly referred to as 10-ounce gloves.

Overall, these gloves are excellent quality, subject to occasional quality control issues. The fit is good, the closure system is superior to most other boxing gloves, and the leather is perfectly durable. There’s both quality and value for money here.


When looking for a pair of boxing gloves in the $50 to $100 price range, there are certain things that much be accepted. Whilst you’re not going to get the cheapest product imaginable, you won’t be getting the top-tier brands in all cases and certainly not their premium boxing gloves which retail for several times this price range.

With that said, when nearing the three-figure mark, you often see leather exterior rather than an artificial alternative. Consideration has been applied to moisture levels and how to manage it within the lining. With the foam interior, it’s usually a layered foam and not the injection mold foam shot into the glove, but it’s usually two inches thick or greater and higher density to be protective.

Regarding professionalism, the boxing gloves in this price range can handle heavy bags and other types of boxing bags adequately in most cases. The gloves will hold together pretty well to much abuse over time from successive punishing workouts and sparring sessions. You won’t get the premium materials one finds in the top-tier models from the best brands, but the gloves are perfectly good enough in most cases for a serious boxer who is in training but not yet fighting at a professional level for years already.

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