Best Boxing Hand Wraps Review 2020

While the injury is quite foreseeable in a sport, it is commonly seen in contact sports like boxing. If you want to ensure a safe environment, you must invest in high-end gear to minimize the chances of accidents and injuries. A boxer’s hands are the most significant weapons and so, they must be looked after prudently. Before hitting the spar or heavy bag, you must cover your hands with high-quality hand wraps that can support your wrist, fingers, knuckles, and thumb. On wrapping your hands, they will serve as a single rock while hitting the heavy bag. This helps in evenly distributing the impact across the full fist and prevents fractures and sprains. Usually, boxing wraps are worn under the cloves. It is a long strip of cloth that is wrapped around the boxer’s hand in a distinct manner. Those who are involved in boxing should invest in boxing wrap before purchasing a pair of top boxing gloves.

Top 5 Boxing Hand Wraps Review


Everlast Professional Hand Wraps

As the name suggests, the Everlast Professional Hand Wraps last forever. It is made with high-qualitybest boxing hand wraps fabric comprising of 55% of Nylon and 45% of Polyester. This Everlast hand wrap is around 180 inches long which is sufficient to wrap around your fingers and provide added strength to your hands. As cotton and spandex blend material is used, this hand wraps ensure breathable comfort and utmost safety to your fingers, knuckles, wrist, and thumb. You can use hook and look closure for a perfect fit as well. Everlast has manufactured this professional hand wraps in five attractive colors including black, yellow, orange, white and red. They are machine washable and need not require extreme maintenance. As cotton/spandex blend material is used, they can absorb sweat easily and keep your hand dry even if you work out for prolonged hours.


Ringside Mexican-Style Boxing Handwraps, 180-Inch:

Ringside Mexican Style Hand wraps is effective enough to prevent injuries during competition and training wrap hands for boxingas well. It features touch closure and thumb loop to provide added safety to the users. This hand wrap is made of elastic cotton blend material that offers a snug. It is 180 inches long and 2 inches wide. The elastic fabric material is extremely comfortable and enables you to land your punches perfectly throughout the day. You will enjoy greater protection and support from this hand wrap whilst staying away from potential injuries. Ringside Mexican-Style boxing hand wrap is available in different colors such as black, blue, gold, neon green, pink, red, neon purple, neon orange, etc. They are machine washable but can also be washed using hands. You will definitely feel the cushioning effect of these hand wraps while hitting the heavy bag. It is also priced affordably and great for both beginners and professional boxers.


Meister Adult 180 Elastic Cotton MMA Hand Wraps (Pair):

If you are looking for hand wraps that guarantee maximum protection to your hand, then you can opt for Elastic Cotton MMA’s 180″ MMA and boxing hand wraps. These hand wraps are made of high quality, super comfortable elastic cotton which is flexible enough to provide theboxing hand wrap reviews required support to your weapon (hands). You will get these wraps in pairs, which means that you will get two hand wraps at one price. It also features Velcro that prevents your wraps from sliding. So, it is a must-have hand wrap for any boxer or MMA fighter. They are available in 7 different colors and you can choose the one based on your preference. It is easier to wrap and breathable with a thumb loop, shape retention ability, and elasticity. Of course, it is thinner, stretchable and longer as well.


PRO IMPACT Boxing/MMA Handwraps 180 Mexican Style Elastic 1 Pair BLACK:

Having a pair of best quality hand wraps is essential for the boxers. If you are looking to invest on hand wraps, then hand wraps boxingPro Impact hand wraps in Mexican style can be the right choice. Available in black color, these Mexican hand wraps is made with standard elastic confirming material that provides added support to your wrist, knuckles, fingers and even your entire hand to land a perfect punch. As the best quality fabric is used, you will not feel any sort of irritation on wearing this Mexican style hand wrap. You can fasten it securely around your hands with its hook and loop closure. They are not only perfect for boxers but also for other sports enthusiasts who indulge in martial arts, boxing aerobics, Muay Thai and kickboxing as well.


Adult 180Hand Wraps For MMA &Boxing – 3 Pairs Pack:wrapping hands for boxing

If you are involved in any contact sports, then having a pair of hand wraps is extremely important to stay away from injuries and to ensure complete protection. When you order for Adult 180″ Hand Wraps for Boxing & MMA, you will get 3 pairs of hand wraps in white, black and red. So, totally, you will have 6 strips of hand wraps which are made with cotton and spandex fabric of top-notch quality. This MMA and Boxing hand wrap features a thumb look that helps in keeping the wrap at its place. It also includes a Velcro on one end that secures the wrap from sliding as well.  The wraps are 180 inches long and 2 inches wide, which is more than enough to wrap around your hand. They are also affordably priced and so, you will get the right value for your money.

Final Word

Hand wraps are an important piece of gears for every boxer. Whether you are an experienced professional or a beginner, you must put on these hand wraps to prevent injuries and avoid pain in your muscles and bones of your hands and wrist. Of course, they also protect your skin from abrasion and cuts. Boxing hand and wrist wraps are available in various lengths between 108 inches and 180 inches. Junior wraps are available for younger boxers and are designed to reduce the awkwardness on the smaller hands. No matter what brand and what size you are opting for, these boxing hand wraps protect your hands from major injuries.

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