Rival Boxing Gloves Review

Rival Boxing Gloves are one of the top ten boxing gloves available in the world. They offer bag gloves and Sparring gloves in wide varieties. Rival boxing gloves are the relatively new brand in Canada and are quickly attracting customers in the United States as well. They have a relatively good look and leather construction with a sharp-looking design. They have Unique conic design and snug fit long cuffs for support at the wrist. It is thickly padded over 1.75 inches and the user can throw harder punches feeling less impact on the wrist and hands. They are long-lasting; that is why it is ranked at 5th position in most popular boxing gloves.

Here we present three carefully designed rival gloves specially made available for the customers.

Top 5 Rival Boxing Gloves Comparison Chart


Rival Fitness Bag Gloves:-

Rival boxing gloves come with extra durable nylon inner lining specially designed for Pre-formed profit. It has synthetic leather construction, and high-density multi-layered foam layered padding to increase your comfort level. It has Ergo strap system for wrist attachment. It is made available for the dearest customers with long-lasting highly durable nylon lining pro styling at an exceptional price.  These rival boxing gloves weigh around 1.2pounds and are available in the U.S online Market. It is ranked at the 51st position among the pro boxing gloves under fight gloves. For information regarding the warranty about this product, you can always visit the manufacturer’s website.best rival boxing gloves

If you are a beginner, then these Rival Fitness Bag Gloves are the perfect choice for you. For those who do regular practice, these gloves fit great and provide great comfort and protection. They are easy to put on. It can be used as a multipurpose glove. These gloves can be used as Bag glove, Sparring glove and for focus mitt work. They are made with the best quality and thickly padded to ensure the full safety of hands and wrists.  They allow you to throw harder punches at the same time not hurting your hands. One will not feel the impact of harder punches on their hands and wrists.

Rival Fitness Bag Gloves, when used with the hand wraps, are a great combination. These gloves have a great look and have a strong Velcro grill when you need to tighten the gloves. The product is worth the price you invest in. They are a lighter, comfortable and durable piece of gloves. They are available in Red color. They are available in three sizes: Medium (10 oz.), Large (12 oz.) and XL (14 oz.) and are sold in pairs. Many celebrities, who were Customers of other brand gloves, are now huge fans of Rival Fitness Bag Gloves. Once you wear these gloves, you will never want to opt for any other brand.


Rival Elite Bag Gloves:-

These Boxing Gloves are available in two colors; Red and black available in 12 oz and 14 oz size. They are full-grain all leather construction.  It is unusual because of rivals ‘Ergo Xtem Strap System’. It has a 15 degree angled strap at wrist for anatomical fit. This product has unique conic design and snug fitting long cuff for most favorable wrist support. It is foam padded wreval boxing glovesith about 1.75 inches thick layered padding.  It is the most comfortable pair of gloves with the laminated inner lining.  It weighs about 1 pound and ranks 33rd among the Bag gloves under boxing gloves in the world.

Rival Elite Bag Gloves are made with the best quality leather and fit extremely well. It has a double Velcro strap which created a very much comfortable fit. They are specially made for valuable customers. They provide protection to your hands by adding extra cushion. They are the best for a heavy hitter. They do not give room to bad odor to remain inside the bag gloves. The inside of the gloves are pretty soft and holds well together. If you are looking out for the best quality and comfortable gloves for your practice or regular session, Rival is the brand you can trust upon blindfolded.

You will not have to wear any wraps for these Rival Elite Bag Gloves as they fit in perfect for the size. If you are getting these gloves the first time, it might be odd to you to find the 15-degree angle, but they are designed to provide you with good and tight wrist support. It has fairly longer cuffs that extend up to your wrists. They inside lining of the gloves make you feel nice and cool even when you are sweating heavily. The padding is softer yet firm, comfort and durable piece of gloves one would always wish to have.


Rival High-Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves:-

Sparring gloves are designed for both athletes during practice sessions.  They are made available from 12 oz to 18 oz size with three colors; black, red and blue boxing gloves. Their construction is full-grain all leather. They are made with superior quality leather. It has the 15 degrees angled strap at the wrist that provides support at the wrists. They are heavily padded over 1.75-inch thick foam core to decrease the number of injury boxers do to each other. They are bulky which reduces the boxer getting hurt himself and protection for one’s hands and wrists.

They have Velcro close at their wrists though most of the expensive brands only provide with lrival glovesaces which provide a great fit. Rival boxing gloves are tested and found very comfortable even with big hands. Rival High-Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves are available at the best price, and everyone can afford them with ease. It is the best-looking glove available in the market. The sparring gloves weigh about 1 pound and can be shipped within the U.S. We regret to inform you that they are not available in the International market.  They rank 17th among the world’s best boxing gloves under bag gloves category. Rival High-Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves.

Winning boxing gloves remain the best brand; at the best price RIVAL, BOXING gloves offer outstanding quality. They embrace your hands nicely and angles strap provide the anatomical fit.  The high-performance Rival Sparring gloves have a unique structure and snug-fitting long cuffs for most advantageous support at the wrist. They have a lot of padding, and as they are associated with the RIVAL brand, it is an added benefit one would like to go for it.  They are pre-molded. One just has to slide in your fingers, and they naturally curl keeping your thumb is in a proper position. Other gloves are not molded into the first shape, and you have to form a first shape to start boxing.


Rival Aero Boxing Gloves, Black, 12-Ounce:-

The Rival Aero boxing gloves are 12-ounce black models that use a high-density foam for padding. There is a toughened vinyl covering all around the gloves that protect it from impacts. This will gradually get scratched up and worn over time. It is less strong than a leather covering that other more expensive brands and product lines offer, but that’s one of the several trade-offs that you make with many Rival boxing glove products.

There is a wrist strap that uses a hook and loop attachment which ensures the gloves fit tight enough and stay in position while working out. The liner which is satin nylon is good too. The gloves are round and look a bit like a bubble on your hands.Rival Aero Boxing Gloves, Black, 12-Ounce

With Rival, you’re not getting a top-tier glove producer. These are budget gloves designed for occasional use. People who want to take boxercise classes once every week or two would find these gloves more than adequate with something more expensive just being overkill. For boxing training in an MMA training center where Muay Thai or another type of gloves are used for mixed martial arts, then again these might be good enough to last for a few weeks or several months of only occasional use.

On the flip side, anyone who is a serious boxer in training or who plans to use these several days a week quite intensely may discover that the vinyl is easy to get cut and will need taping up when this happens. Fine for hitting a very light bag, but not when sparring (no one wants to get hit with masking tape on a glove!)

Regarding hitting mitts or heavy bags, these gloves may hold up with light Mitt sessions, but the heavy bag and uppercut bags are likely to either wear out these gloves or cause the vinyl to get cut within a few weeks.

Overall, these are fine if one knows what you’re getting for the price and buys these gloves with the right purpose in mind.


Rival Boxing Gloves-RB1 Ultra Bag Gloves (Black, 10oz)

The Rival Fitness “RB40” Bag Gloves are designed to be a little more robust than the boxing gloves reviewed above. They cost more, and it shows in their materials and design.

The covering is a type of synthetic leather which should be more durable than straight vinyl but not as good as real leather would have been. The fit is said to be for pros and structured to fit a developed pair of hands.

There is a wide strap system dubbed “Ergo” which fits securely across the wrist. The level of support is very good and will prevent your wrist from rolling when hitting a bag.Rival Boxing Gloves-RB1 Ultra Bag Gloves (Black, 10oz)

The padding inside is a high-density foam, layered in, for more comfort and protection for hands, knuckles, and each finger. The added padding and layers are needed to be able to hit the practice bag and not break the surface of the gloves. The padding depresses somewhat and then reforms back into shape after. There is less likelihood of damaging or breaking the hand when using these boxing gloves than a cheaper pair with less protection or foam of a lower quality or density. The inner lining is made from nylon for durability and breathability.

The RB40 bag gloves are the next step up for a basic glove like the one reviewed above. They offer greater padding and protection, improved materials (but not leather), and excellent wrist support for bag hitting during practice sessions. They are capable of gloves for boxercise, practicing in a real boxing gym and sparring sessions. The materials are likely to hold up quite nicely for what you’re getting. They also have some interesting styling compared to other models.

Rival is still a cheap boxing glove brand. No one will not notice that in a serious MMA or boxing gym. However, for first time serious boxers on a budget, these are a good mid-point pair of gloves that won’t break the bank.

Final Word:-

With these two boxing gloves from Rival, what you get is either a basic pair of gloves that is fine for occasional once a week use for a year and a more durable, better made one with finer materials, the upgraded alternative that straddles the line between “for exercise only” and “for boxing.”

In either case, Rival is known as the budget brand in boxing circles. Serious professional boxers won’t use the brand in many cases, but for entry-level usage in boxing or boxing in MMA classes, or for boxercise and other exercise routines, one or other of these two products will be quite suitable.

Make no mistake, the top reviewed product is going to be durable enough for light practice air boxing, but not for heavy bag work. Boxercise and wanting to look the part, they’ll be fine. Any more than that and you’ll want the RB40 bag gloves for greater protection and durability.

I hope you find the reviews Informative. For more Reviews on Choosing Good Boxing Gloves.

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